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Monday, September 24, 2018

Microsoft launches Office 2019 for macOS and Windows - Price, Availability

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Written by G.Я     9/24/2018 02:57:00 pm  No comments
Microsoft launches Office 2019 for macOS and Windows. Microsoft today announced the general availability of Office 2019 for Mac and Windows. Office 2019 is the next on-premises version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Project, Visio, Access, and Publisher.
Microsoft launches Office 2019 for macOS and Windows
Microsoft launches Office 2019 for macOS and Windows
Office 365 ProPlus, the cloud-connected version of Office, delivers the most productive and most secure Office experience-with the lowest total cost of ownership for deployment and management. However, for customers who aren't ready for the cloud, Office 2019 provides new features and updates to the on-premises apps for both users and IT professionals. Like Windows Long Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) releases, Office 2019 provides a set of valuable enhancements for customers who can't be cloud-connected or receive regular updates.

The new enhancements in Office 2019 are a subset of a long list of features that have been added to Office 365 ProPlus over the last three years. Office 2019 is a one-time release and won't receive future feature updates. However, Microsoft will continue to add new features to Office 365 ProPlus monthly.

Office 2019 also includes new IT value for enhanced security and streamlined administration. Microsoft introduced Click-to-Run (C2R), a modern deployment technology, in Office 2013, and it's now used to deploy and update Office across hundreds of millions of devices worldwide. With Office 2019, Microsoft moving the on-premises versions of Office to C2R to reduce costs and improve security. The advantages of C2R include predictable monthly security updates, up-to-date apps on installation, reduced network consumption through Windows 10 download optimization technology, and an easy upgrade path to Office 365 ProPlus. C2R offers the same enterprise-focused management capabilities as Microsoft Installer (MSI) based products and will also support an in-place upgrade when you move to Office 2019 from older MSI-based products.

Pricing & Availability
Commercial volume license (trusted) customers can access Office 2019 starting today.

Office 2019 will be available to all customers, consumer and commercial, in the next few weeks priced at $249.99.

Project 2019, Visio 2019, Access 2019, and Publisher 2019 are available for Windows only. Office 2019 customers will have access to OneNote.

Microsoft announces Surface Hub 2S and Surface Hub 2X - Availability, Video

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Written by G.Я     9/24/2018 08:49:00 am  No comments
Microsoft announces Surface Hub 2S and Surface Hub 2X. Today Microsoft announce two new offerings in the Surface Hub family - Surface Hub 2S and Surface Hub 2X. Surface Hub 2 devices are optimized for teams that want to connect, co-create, produce, and bring together the best of Microsoft collaboration tools - from Windows and Office to Microsoft Whiteboard and Microsoft Teams.
Microsoft announces Surface Hub 2S and Surface Hub 2X
Microsoft announces Surface Hub 2S and Surface Hub 2X
Surface Hub 2 is lighter, sleeker, and more intuitive than its predecessor, all while being as easy to install as putting a TV on a wall. Paired with elegant mobile stands from Microsoft's partner Steelcase, Surface Hub 2 can be moved around the room with ease and anchored to a spot with a simple tap of your foot.

In addition to having the convenience of being able to create an anytime, anywhere collaboration space with the transportable Surface Hub 2 stand you can effectively meet with teams from all over the world. If your colleague is hundreds or even thousands of miles away from you, they will feel like they're in the same room with Surface Hub 2. Meetings sound and look crystal clear in Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business with improved microphones, speakers, 4K camera, and true to scale video calling.

Surface Hub 2 seamlessly integrates intuitive hardware, software, and modes of interaction to help people get in and stay in their flow.  With the new Microsoft Whiteboard app, amazing features designed for large touch screens make you feel like you're at a real whiteboard, but with the added benefit of intelligent ink, the ability to find people, Bing search built in, image stacks, and more. Surface Hub 2 provides a robust whiteboard experience, but your whiteboard can be shared across Windows 10, iOS, and Android devices, so you can jump back into the same brainstorm session anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Surface Hub 2S
Surface Hub 2S was built for users who still want the original Surface Hub experience that they know and have built for, but in a lighter, thinner, more vibrant design. With Surface Hub 2S users will be able to deploy either an on-premise or hybrid environment and keep the software experiences that they have standardized on with the original Surface Hub. Businesses can also now continue to use Skype for Business on their Surface Hub 2S or deploy the latest version of Microsoft Teams.

Surface Hub 2X
Microsoft will release updates to the Surface Hub family in 2020 to enable customers to update to Surface Hub 2X. This includes the ability to tile, rotate, and enable multi user log in. This simple update is enabled by removable processor cartridges, in an easily accessible hardware chassis on the back of the Surface Hub 2. This processor cartridge can be removed, upgraded and serviced over time. The cartridge is what will enable customers to make the switch to the Microsoft 365 powered Surface Hub 2X in 2020.

Surface Hub 2 starts to ship in Q2 2019.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Google Maps comes to Apple CarPlay with iOS 12

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Written by G.Я     9/18/2018 05:58:00 pm  No comments
Google Maps comes to Apple CarPlay with iOS 12. Google Maps is now supported by Apple CarPlay, which means that iPhone users can navigate with Google Maps right from their car's built-in display. Google Maps is now available to use with CarPlay on all CarPlay supported vehicles and devices globally.
Google Maps comes to Apple CarPlay with iOS 12
Google Maps comes to Apple CarPlay with iOS 12
To get started, make sure your iPhone is running iOS 12, update your app to Version 5 in the App Store and connect your iPhone via CarPlay.

Real time information when you need it: Google Maps on CarPlay features the same navigation experience found in the app. Search for places, see alternative routes and get live, up to date  information about traffic jams and delays happening right now. See an up to the minute ETA so you know exactly when you'll be at your destination.

Never miss a beat. Google Maps on CarPlay lets you start navigation from your iPhone and immediately pick up where you left off once you've connected to CarPlay.

No data? No problem. You can still find your way even if you have spotty reception. You can use downloaded maps of an area so you can see directions and use turn by turn navigation even when you can't get online.

Saved lists: You can access any of your saved lists from Google Maps on CarPlay, and quickly navigate to all of your favorite places with a single tap.

Save time when commuting: If you've set up your commute within the app, you can quickly navigate to home or work. While en route, you'll see real time traffic updates about your journey so you can be prepared for whatever the ride has in store.

Withings launches Steel HR Sport hybrid smartwatch - Price, Availability, Specifications, Video

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Written by G.Я     9/18/2018 04:05:00 pm  No comments
Withings launches Steel HR Sport hybrid smartwatch. Withings today launches Steel HR Sport, its new hybrid smartwatch with smart health and sport features for analytics. Its elegant design features 316L stainless steel and a 40mm case that is water resistant up to 50M (5ATM).
Withings launches Steel HR Sport hybrid smartwatch
Withings launches Steel HR Sport hybrid smartwatch
Withings Steel HR Sport's discrete OLED display shows important health and sports data such as daily steps, calories, distance and heart rate and can be navigated with a push of a button. The display also shows smartphone notifications, which appear automatically along with a discreet vibration.

Steel HR Sport offers dedicated multisport tracking for over 30 different activities, from yoga, volleyball, and rowing, to boxing, skiing, and ice hockey. Simply select the chosen activity on the watch display to start a workout session. During workout sessions, Steel HR Sport continuously tracks and displays heart rate and the duration of the workout directly on the watch screen. After the session, you’ll understand the intensity of your workout with heart rate zones and calories spent based on the specific activity selected.

Steel HR Sport is the first product within the Steel HR range to feature GPS connectivity. Once paired with a smartphone, you can track your pace, distance, elevation and map workouts while walking, running or cycling. Pace, distance, and continuous heart rate are displayed on the watch face screen and can be tracked live on the connected smartphone. After a session, the workout route can also be viewed in the Health Mate app. The device is also the first Withings product to offer Fitness Level assessments. The fitness indicator, called VO2 max, measures the heart's and muscles' ability to convert oxygen into energy during physical exercise. The fitter the individual, the higher the VO2 max. Following running sessions, Steel HR Sport calculates your personal Fitness Level using pace, heart rate and morphological data, including age and weight. This fitness metric can help you optimize training, increase performance and achieve long-term fitness objectives.

With an industry-leading battery life of 25 days that can be extended for a further 20 days in power-reserve mode, Steel HR Sport is able to track fitness, activity, and sleep patterns around the clock. The device's tracking ability is not limited to waking hours. Steel HR Sport is a sophisticated sleep tracker, detecting length and quality of sleep and providing an overall Sleep Score in the Health Mate app that is based on sleep duration, depth, regularity, and interruptions. Steel HR Sport has capabilities such as Smart Wake-up that will wake you with a silent vibrating alarm at the most optimal time in your sleep cycle. The app even offers a Sleep Smarter Program, consisting of eight weeks of recommendations to improve sleep patterns.

During waking hours, Steel HR Sport helps you keep on top of your daily communications. Both Steel HR Sport as well as the existing Steel HR now benefit from enhanced notification capabilities, allowing app notifications to be displayed on the digital screen. Previously limited to calls, text messages, and events, the Steel HR line is now compatible with notifications from all apps-just customize to get the ones that are important to you. Whether it's flight alerts, breaking news, or messages from friends and family on social channels, notifications will appear on the watch with a content preview.

Available now, in both white and black faces, Steel HR Sport has the classic Withings analog face that shows the time, as well as a sub-dial that shows the percentage of daily activity goals achieved. You can set and manage goals within the free Health Mate app, available for iOS or Android.

Withings Steel HR Sport specifications:
Analog dial with hands for hours and minutes
Subdial displays progress toward daily activity goal in percentage
OLED screen displays phone notifications, heart rate, steps, distance, calories, activities and alarm settings
Workout mode displays timer and heart rate (continuous tracking)
Notifications display previews of incoming calls, text messages, calendar events and 100+ apps

Available on iOS (iOS 8 and higher) and Android (6 and higher)
iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 8 or later, or smartphone/tablet with Android 6 or later (Android 4.3 or later without phone notifications)
Cannot be set up from a computer

Storage & memory:
Free and unlimited online data storage with a Withings account
5 days of local storage of data between syncs

Bluetooth Low Energy
Must enable Bluetooth connection with location settings to enjoy Connected GPS functionality.

Pricing & Availability
Withings Steel HR Sport hybrid smartwatch is now available for $199 (USD).

Mozilla's Firefox Reality browser now available for Viveport, Oculus and Daydream - Video

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Written by G.Я     9/18/2018 02:06:00 pm  No comments
Mozilla's Firefox Reality browser now available for Viveport, Oculus and Daydream. Today Mozilla announce that the first release of Firefox Reality is available in the Viveport, Oculus, and Daydream app stores.
Mozilla's Firefox Reality browser now available for Viveport, Oculus and Daydream
Mozilla's Firefox Reality browser now available for Viveport, Oculus and Daydream
Firefox Reality browser is using Mozilla's new Quantum engine for mobile browsers. The result is smooth and fast performance that is crucial for a VR browser. In the coming months, Mozilla will be adding support for bookmarks, 360 videos, accounts, and more.

From the moment you open the browser, you will be presented with immersive experiences that can be enjoyed on a VR headset directly from the Firefox Reality browser. Mozilla working with creators around the world to bring an amazing collection of games, videos, environments, and experiences that can be accessed directly from the home screen.

Download for Viveport (Search for "Firefox Reality" in Viveport store) (supports all-in-one devices running Vive Wave)


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