Saturday, December 22, 2012

Disney's Where’s My Perry and Where’s My Water comes to Windows Phone

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Disney's Where's My Perry? and Where's My Water? games comes to Windows Phone 8 devices. Both games require Windows Phone 8 OS and available in the Windows Phone Store for $0.99.
Where's My Perry? for Windows Phone
Where's My Perry? game focuses on a single fluid type, water, and all of it's different states. Puzzles are based around the concepts of freezing water to create ice, freezing stem to create water, heating ice to create water, and heating water to create stem.

Where's My Water? for Windows Phone
In Where's My Water?, help alligators Swampy and Cranky redirect water through a maze of urban plumbing so they can shower up and clean their dishes at the end of a long day in the city sewers.

Download Where's My Perry? for Windows Phone

Download Where's My Water? for Windows Phone

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