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Adobe Reader and Roku for iOS updated with new features

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Adobe Reader and Roku for iOS updated with new features. Adobe Reader for iOS update adds Ability to buy Adobe CreatePDF service using In app purchase, Convert an image to PDF using Adobe's CreatePDF service and other features. On the other hand, Roku app for iOS brings support for video streaming.
Roku app for iPhone brings support for video streaming
Roku app for iPhone brings support for video streaming

Roku app for iPhone adds the ability to stream videos you've taken with your iOS device directly to your TV. Supported devices include iPhone (3gs and later), iPad, and iPod Touch (3rd gen and later).
This new feature is supported by version 5.1 of the Roku player firmware which was released for all customers with a Roku 3, Roku 2, Roku HD (model 2500) or Roku LT (models 2400 & 2450) player or the Roku Streaming Stick. In addition to video streaming from iPhone, the 5.1 update also adds support for audiophile-requested FLAC and WAV audio file formats. The USB Media Player channel has been updated to support these formats.

Adobe Reader for iOS

What's new in Adobe Reader v11.0.0 for iOS:-
+ Ability to buy Adobe CreatePDF service using In app purchase
+ Convert an image to PDF using Adobe’s CreatePDF service
+ Create PDF files from a variety of file formats using CreatePDF service
+ Ability to buy Adobe ExportPDF service using in app purchase
+ Export PDF files to various formats (Word, excel, etc.) for editing using ExportPDF service

What's new in Roku 2.3.0 for iOS:-
+ Play on Roku video – Enjoy your iPhone's videos on your Roku player. (Supported on Roku 3, Roku 2, new Roku HD and Roku LT players and Roku Streaming Stick)

Download Adobe Reader v11.0 for iPad

Download Adobe Reader v11.0 for iPhone

Download Roku v2.3.0 for iPhone

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