Thursday, August 15, 2013

Flipboard updates iPhone and iPad app with GIF support and other features

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Flipboard updates iPhone and iPad app with GIF support and other features. Already on Android platform, GIF support on iOS now lets anyone can collect and share their favorites in a magazine. Other features like Top stories in U.S., Invitation to share are included in this update.

Flipboard v2.0.5 for iOS
What's new in Flipboard v2.0.5 for iOS:-
+ Top Stories in U.S. News, Business, Tech and Sports:- The first seven stories in these sections reflect the leading news right now; continue to flip for more news of the day or to catch up on previous day's events.

+ Explore more from your favorite magazine makers:- When you've created more than two magazines, your magazines get a 'pagebox" on the fourth page. The avatar in this box is now tappable, creating a quick jump to the curator's profile page, which has an overview of all of his or her curation activities.

+ Invitation to share:- You're working hard to create beautiful magazines—and they deserve to be seen! Once you've flipped 10 items into a magazine, you’ll be prompted to share it with your friends and followers.

Download Flipboard v2.0.5 for iPad

Download Flipboard v2.0.5 for iPhone

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