Thursday, October 31, 2013

Foundbite and FNB (First National Bank) launches on Windows Phone

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Foundbite and FNB (First National Bank) launches on Windows Phone. Foundbite for Windows Phone combines photos and sound to capture the real atmosphere of a place, event or experience in a new and unique way. FNB (First National Bank), one of South Africa's "big four" banks, lets you use cool functionality like spin, scroll, swipe, and touch to perform your banking transactions and more. Both apps are free to download on the Windows Phone Store and compatible with Windows Phone 8.
Foundbite for Windows Phone
Foundbite for Windows Phone
From the cheering of a crowd at a gig in Croatia to the lashing of rain in India, explore the four corners of the world through sounds others have uploaded.

Download Foundbite for Windows Phone

FNB (First National Bank) for Windows Phone
FNB (First National Bank) for Windows Phone
Anyone with a Windows 8 phone can download the FNB Banking App for Windows 8 phone, but you need to be an FNB customer to make full use of the traditional banking services.

Download FNB for Windows Phone

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