Thursday, December 19, 2013

Microsoft introduces Yammer now messaging app for iPhone

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Microsoft introduces Yammer now messaging app for iPhone. Yammer Now is a simple and easy-to-use mobile messaging app for iPhone that allows you to communicate with your colleagues on Yammer even faster than before. You can get the new Yammer Now app for free of charge on the App Store on iTunes.
Yammer Now for iPhone
Yammer Now for iPhone
Some of you who are familiar with the Yammer app may wonder which app you should download? Both apps (Yammer Now and Yammer) are designed to deliver different product experiences, and depending on your needs, you might want to download both! Yammer Now is fast, lightweight and recommended if you want to reach your colleagues quickly. To access other functionalities such as Inbox and Home Feed, use the Yammer app.

With Yammer Now, you can easily initiate and respond to Yammer conversations anytime, anywhere.  And there's no need to exchange phone numbers or email addresses, all you need is login with your work email.

+ Online Presence: See which coworkers are online and get an instant response
+ Group Messaging: Add participants to a conversation at any time
+ Share Images: Snap a picture and easily share it with coworkers
+ Likes: Like your colleague's messages as you chat
+ Push Notifications: Get real-time alerts for new messages

Download Yammer for iPhone

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