Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Pushbullet releases app for iPad, Mac and Safari

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Pushbullet releases app for iPad, Mac and Safari. Pushbullet app connects your devices in ways no one has imagined. Seeing your phone's notifications on your computer and copying and pasting across devices make your devices feel like one.
Pushbullet for iPad
Pushbullet for iPad
Pushbullet now work great on iPad too. This lets you enjoy all of your pushes on your favorite device. Need to share a link or file while your're  browsing reddit working? You'll now be able to use our share extension and Universal Copy & Paste on iPad too.
Pushbullet for Mac
Pushbullet for Mac
The Pushbullet Mac App is now availble free in the Mac App Store. With Mac app, you can send files and view notifications at any time. You can also view your pushes and filter them by channel, friend, or device. You can also drag-and-drop files on to the app itself or the dock icon to easily push them.
Seeing mobile notifications on desktop is really quite magical. Using Bluetooth LE, you can now see, act on, and dismiss your iOS notifications right on your Mac. Your notifications will stay synced with your phone.
Pushbullet for Safari
Pushbullet for Safari
Our new Safari extension makes sending links to your phone a snap. You can click on our extension icon, or simply just right-click on a link or the page to send it to any of your devices.

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