Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Flipboard comes to Desktops

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Flipboard comes to Desktops. Flipboard on the Web has responsive layouts for different screen sizes, a new scrolling interface and interactions triggered by your mouse. You'll see that Flipboard.com has its own look and feel. As with developing for iPhone, Android and Windows, the team builds on a platform's unique attributes while still retaining the heart and soul of Flipboard.
Flipboard comes to Desktops
Flipboard comes to Desktops
To create optimal layouts and a pacing that feels natural for Web browsing, Flipboard compute the relevancy of stories and photos and analyze the type of content-such as images or text-that's on a page.

Flipboard also algorithmically recommend topics and magazines you might like (based on your interests) in modules throughout the site. And if you log in to your account on the Web, everything you do to personalize your Flipboard will show up on your phone or tablet, and vice versa.

With Flipboard everywhere, millions more people can experience it for the first time while current readers can catch up on the news they care about and collect stories into magazines anytime, anywhere.


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