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Dashlane releases Password Manager app for iPhone and Apple Watch

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Dashlane releases Password Manager app for iPhone and Apple Watch. Dashlane, the first password manager to launch automatic password changing technology, announces the next innovation in passwords: Password Changer for iPhone and Apple Watch. Password Changer allows you to change multiple passwords into strong, hack-proof passwords with just a tap. Password Changer for iPhone and  Apple Watch is available now on the App Store on iTunes.

Dashlane releases Password Manager app for iPhone and Apple Watch
Dashlane releases Password Manager app for iPhone and Apple Watch
Dashlane is the only password manager with password-changing technology on mobile and wearable devices. Replace, store, and sync your passwords in seconds, with a single tap. The ability to change passwords on-the-go with iPhone and Apple Watch is a landmark accomplishment as it provides users with the universal password and identity management that today's mobile-centric world requires. Dashlane users can control their accounts no matter where they are - right from their iPhone or Apple Watch.

Additionally, users will now be able to instantly change their passwords when they receive a Dashlane Security Alert notifying them of a potential security breach. These exclusive features provide users with the world's most technologically advanced password management experience.

One-Tap Password Change - Password Changer on iPhone and Apple Watch works in the same intuitive way it does on Dashlane's Windows and Mac apps.  Users select the accounts they want to change and let Dashlane automatically replace, store, and sync new passwords. With just a single tap, Dashlane completes in seconds a process that normally takes hours.

Unrivaled Innovation - Dashlane's universal password changing technology is enabled by its unique future-focused architecture. By concentrating on simple password and identity solutions that work for everyone, everywhere, Dashlane pioneers technology that will provide unique solutions for users as identity management evolves.

100's of Compatible Websites - Password Changer worked with 50 major sites at the desktop launch in December 2014, and currently works with over 200 of the world's leading websites. By year's end, it will be compatible with 500. The full list of Password Changer-compatible sites:

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