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Jolla debuts Sailfish OS 2.0, names India's Intex Technologies as licensing partner - Video

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Jolla debuts Sailfish OS 2.0, names India's Intex Technologies as licensing partner. The next software update will be something big, as Jolla launch the biggest update in Sailfish OS history, something that they call 'Sailfish OS 2.0'. Jolla, at the Mobile World Congress Shanghai, just announced their first-ever Sailfish OS licensing partner Intex Technologies, who will be bringing Sailfish OS based devices to the market in India later this year.
Jolla debuts Sailfish OS 2.0, names India's Intex Technologies as licensing partner
Jolla debuts Sailfish OS 2.0, names India's Intex Technologies as licensing partner
New visually refreshed user interface
Sailfish OS 2.0 will be the 17th Sailfish OS software update from Jolla. The biggest software update to date introduces a totally new and visually refreshed user interface, which is fast and easy to use, enhancing the flow of the OS dramatically, and making the user interface designed for seamless multitasking even more effective than before.

Sailfish OS 2.0 includes improved Android application compatibility and browser experience, smoother transitions throughout the OS and overall improved stability and performance. Because of these improvements the daily use of Sailfish OS should become even faster and smoother.

Empowering smartphones and tablets
The introduction of Sailfish OS 2.0 means also that Sailfish OS now empowers both tablets and smartphones. On the Jolla Tablet the new Sailfish OS 2.0 UI is award winning, already before it is officially out! In Mobile World Congress Barcelona, in March 2015 Jolla won the Best Tablet of MWC award for the Jolla Tablet prototype.

When can I get it?
Sailfish OS 2.0 will be available in our next software update through our normal release process. In a few weeks early access customers will get a first try for it, and then quickly after, every Sailfish OS user will get to experience the new smooth user interface and all other new stuff it has in store.

Jolla announces first Sailfish OS licensing partner Intex Technologies, one of India's biggest smartphone vendors. Sailfish OS 2.0 now available for licensing partners worldwide with scalable 4G LTE reference platform.

As part of Jolla's BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) country strategy, Jolla also announced the formation of Sailfish India, a regional mobile ecosystem for India together with leading Internet and online sales companies Times Internet and Snapdeal.

With the release of Sailfish OS 2.0, the next generation version of its mobile operating system, Jolla is now set to license its OS to device vendors globally. To enable quick time-to-market for licensing partners, Jolla has developed a range of optimised Sailfish OS hardware platforms from Qualcomm's Snapdragon 200/600/800 configurations, a highly scalable mobile processor family offering 4G LTE to everyone in all price ranges.

The world's first licensing partner to utilise the Sailfish OS 2.0 platform is Intex Technologies, second largest smartphone vendor of Indian origin, who will bring Sailfish OS based products to the market later in 2015.

Sailfish India: creating a true alternative Indian mobile ecosystem
At the same time, Jolla announced 'Sailfish India', a regional mobile ecosystem initiative with first partners including Intex Technologies; Times Internet, the largest digital network in India; and Snapdeal, India's largest online marketplace.

The aim for Sailfish India is to develop a unique Indian mobile ecosystem, which will lead to greater differentiation in the market with more choices for consumers, higher user satisfaction and better revenues for local businesses. Further Sailfish India partners will be announced later.

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