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Gesture-based email app Geronimo released for iPhone and Apple Watch - Videos

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Gesture-based email app Geronimo released for iPhone and Apple Watch. Jumpin Labs today announced their first innovative iOS app called Geronimo, available for free in the App Store on iTunes. The app is a modern, design-driven approach to the antiquated inbox that helps people sort email with the flick of their wrist or the angle they hold their phone at. At launch, Geronimo will be available on Apple Watch as well as the iPhone 5, 5S, 6 and 6+.
Gesture-based email app Geronimo released for iPhone and Apple Watch
Gesture-based email app Geronimo released for iPhone and Apple Watch
To create a one-of-a-kind interface, the designers and engineers of Jumpin Labs combined game mechanics with never-before-seen gestures for iOS. The company's design and engineering teams took their experience at Apple, Path, and Google to a new level in interaction design and created something radically different than other email apps in the space.

Exclusive iPhone features include:
Horizontal timeline view. Users can see their email quantified on a timeline that shows email volumes by day. As they scroll between days, users see where they're at on their own personal timeline.
Motion gestures. With Geronimo, users can quickly move through their inboxes with unique new gestures. Users can pickup individual emails, can grab stacks or columns of emails, and can toss emails to their 4 hot corners. Geronimo also unlocks advanced features over time where users can move between days and emails with wrist flicks.
Separate robot emails from human emails. Tapping the back of their phone can hide all of a user's robot emails as they fall off the screen. This feature helps users to focus on emails from actual humans that they care about.
Annotate photos. Like some of the more popular mobile messaging apps, users can write and draw on photos in Geronimo and then share their creations or visual expressions with friends.
Rearrange emails. With Geronimo, users can better organize their emails, arranging them in the order that they desire versus the chronological order that emails normally arrive in. This inbox curation leaves users with an inbox that reflects their personal priorities.

First-ever features for Apple Watch:
Search. The first email app for the Apple Watch that lets users search and find emails.
Human-only notifications. With Geronimo, you can flip the switch so you only get new push notifications for emails that come from real people.
Compose emails. Emails apps to date on the Apple Watch have only allowed users to read or reply to emails. Geronimo not only lets you read and reply to emails, but is also the first ever Apple Watch app that lets you compose a full email from scratch right from your wrist.
Beautiful visual design. Geronimo is the first design-driven email experience for the Apple Watch, showing you attachments and photos of your contacts in a modern visual style.

Reasons to Switch to Geronimo
Manage email volume. Most people simply have too many emails to keep up with. The average email user sends and receives 125 emails per day according to the Radicati Group and McKinsey reports note that the average knowledge worker spends 13 hours per week dealing with email.
Feeling out of control. No mobile email experience has offered users fast, smart ways of dealing with email as well as Geronimo's direct manipulation iOS interface. Geronimo's built-in gestures help people take back control so they can sort and respond to their most important emails.
Time spent on email. Because of the overwhelming number of emails that has become the norm in our culture and the traditional vertical interfaces other companies brought over from desktop email interfaces, people can't efficiently respond to emails while on the go -- Geronimo provides a better way or organizing and responding to email on mobile. Geronimo significantly decreases the time spend on mundane email tasks like organizing the inbox and fast replies to people users interact with most.
It's fun. Unlike traditional email interfaces that haven't changed more than incrementally for mobile devices, Geronimo gives users a unique, fast and fun experience when they file, send, and respond to emails. The experience feels more natural and reinforces a focus on the people most important to users (just like messaging apps).
A better mobile email experience. Geronimo's app was designed with simplicity and a unique perspective that users should be in control, that experiences should evolve, and that the way we interact with mobile devices is just scratching the surface of the possibilities.

The first version is designed for Gmail users only while support for other IMAP providers will be added in future updates. Users can attach files from their phone, Dropbox, Google Drive or iCloud accounts.


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