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Vine updates Android and iPhone apps with new music features

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Vine updates Android and iPhone apps with new music features. New features make it easier to add music clips to videos without editing software, and to discover new music on the platform. Vine's new music discovery features are available on iOS and Android, and the creation tools are available on iOS. Learn more at
Vine updates Android and iPhone apps with new music features
Vine updates Android and iPhone apps with new music features
To bring the magic of perfect-looping music to everyone, Vine created Snap to Beat. Now you can create Vines with perfect loops just like the pros. Once you've chosen a song by tapping the music note from the Details screen, Snap to Beat identifies how much of the song to use to make a seamless loop and then trims your video to fit that clip. With seamless audio looping in our mobile apps, you can make Vines that sound awesome and feel like magic - something that's only possible with Vine.

If you want to edit audio separately, turn off Snap to Beat. This will give you more control over how much sound to include in your Vine and the specific part it should play over - such as adding a sound effect to the end of your Vine for a dramatic effect.

Discover music on Vine: Featured Tracks and track info
Vine also bringing you new ways to discover it. First, you can explore songs in our new Featured Tracks section. When you create a Vine and tap the music note to add a song, you'll see Featured Tracks. From there, you can choose a song to add to your Vine, or check out what's been recently added.

You can also find out what you're listening to as you watch Vines. Finally. When you see the music note on a Vine, tap it to reveal information about the track. "Song?"  is one of the comments we see most on Vine, and when people hear a song they like in a Vine, they've had to rely on the community and creator to find out what it is. Now, you can answer that question right in Vine apps.


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