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MADFINGER Games releases UNKILLED for Android and iOS - Video

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MADFINGER Games releases UNKILLED for Android and iOS. MADFINGER Games, the developers behind the popular Shadowgun and Dead Trigger series, releases the new mobile action shooter UNKILLED. This latest thrilling adventure is set in the zombie infested streets of New York. Hundreds of missions with an extensive weapon arsenal, unique bosses, and a story line with a conspiracy theme provide the players with long hours of perfect gaming fun.
MADFINGER Games releases UNKILLED for Android and iOS
MADFINGER Games releases UNKILLED for Android and iOS
The main plot takes place in NYC, the center of the world's latest zombie outbreak. The gamers start out as Joe, a member of the anti-zombie unit WOLFPACK, a private military organization designed to find, track, and eliminate the zombie menace before it goes global.

UNKILLED is mainly a beautiful, smooth, 1st-person-shooter action with a unique MFG control scheme for mobile devices tried-and-tested by millions of players. The Auto-fire shooting system lets player concentrate on the action. In addition, the game supports multiple gamepads.

Like before, gamers will enjoy an insane visual quality never before seen in mobile gaming. In the grand scheme of things, it means stunning graphics with many advanced effects like high resolution soft shadows, GPU-simulated particle effects numbering in the tens of thousands of  textures, reflective surfaces, and post processing effects for a cinematic feel.

In whole, gameplay provides an amazingly long storyline with more than 100 missions, many unique enemies supported by special bosses, a diverse and huge arsenal of weapons, and unique allies to help player to survive and succeed in mission quests.

Apart from the story campaign missions, the players can look forward to many side missions where they complete quests in order to gain useful resources that allow them to buy new gadgets, weapons, and upgrades. Based on a similar principle, there are also special timed campaigns, each consisting of three missions.

Among the gadgets with the most entertaining potential are homing rockets that never miss their target, causing explosions that are one of the gameplay's visual high points. Adrenaline, which slows down the zombies and thus provides more time for headshots, is equally interesting. Regularly spawning treasure chests contain other valuable resources needed for the progress in the game. Apart from gold, these can include special gadgets with temporary effects and unique single-use weapons.


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