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Microsoft launches digital notebook app Plumbago for Windows 8.1 and 10 tablets - Video

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Microsoft launches digital notebook app Plumbago for Windows 8.1 and 10 tablets. Plumbago, a new app for Windows 8.1 and 10 tablets released through the Microsoft Garage, is a digital notebook with technology that smooth out handwriting so your scribbles are easier to read later. It also contains realistic ink technology and other user friendly features, such as an optimized tool picker designed to reduce the number of taps to access its features, notebook covers and paper selector.
Microsoft Plumbago
Microsoft Plumbago
Plumbago, which is Latin for graphite - all pencils have graphite in them - makes writing more consistent digitally, based on your previous strokes, as you write in the notebook. While it won't instantly transform your handwriting, it will look more consistent across a notebook. This technology is called handwriting beautification, a technology which involves efficient stroke matching across the thousands of strokes written by a user. If matching strokes can be found, the strokes can be averaged to produce more consistent and easier-to-read handwriting.
The app also employs "infinite paper," which enables your writing or drawings to span pages. And there are several kinds of paper to choose from, such as yellow rule - with the familiar pink margin line - as well as grid, music sheets and more. You can also choose between pen, pencil and highlighter, which are drawn on the paper using similar properties of how the respective drawing tools behave in the physical world.
+ Smooth handwriting - Adjust the smoothing level you want for beautiful handwriting.
+ Realistic ink and paper - Elegant color palettes, realistic inks, and useful papers.
+ Add pictures - Trace, highlight, and annotate imported image files.
+ Unlimited notebooks - Organize your ideas, notes, and writing in notebooks.
+ Easy navigation - See all pages and easily navigate between pages in a notebook.
+ Share pages or copy areas to the clipboard - Save a page as an image or copy specific areas to use in other apps, such as Word and OneNote.

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