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Facebook releases WordPress plugin for Instant Articles

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Facebook releases WordPress plugin for Instant Articles. Facebook has today announced the release of WordPress plugin for its Instant Articles program. Facebook partnered with Automattic, parent company of VIP, to build a free plugin for Instant Articles, which simplifies the process of generating and publishing Instant Articles from WordPress. You can install it now from GitHub (it's also coming soon to the WordPress plugin directory).
Facebook releases WordPress plugin for Instant Articles
Facebook releases WordPress plugin for Instant Articles
Instant Articles, now available to people using Facebook for iPhone and Android, load articles in Facebook's News Feed up to ten times faster than standard web articles, and are optimized for the mobile reading experience.
The native format includes a built-in set of interactive tools like auto-play video and tap-to-zoom image galleries, bringing stories to life on mobile devices. Early analysis suggests that people engage more deeply with the immersive experience and share Instant Articles with their friends more often than standard web articles.
When Instant Articles opens up in April, publishers that use standard WordPress templates can activate the plugin out-of-the-box to create Instant Articles. Publishers that want a more customized production experience can extend the plugin to support additional elements.
The plugin is open source, and Facebook encourage the community to participate in its development to help publishers of all types take full advantage of the fast, native experience of Instant Articles. If you have any feedback, you can send it as an Issue on GitHub. And if you write a compatibility layer for another popular plugin, Facebook encourage you to share it with the WordPress community via a Pull Request.

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