Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Yahoo Newsroom app for Android and iOS released - Video

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Yahoo Newsroom app for Android and iOS released. Yahoo on Tuesday announced the release of Newsroom for Android and iOS. Yahoo Newsroom makes it easier to discover content relevant to you, and to participate in conversations around issues you are passionate about. You can download the new Yahoo Newsroom app from the App Store and Google Play Store.
Yahoo Newsroom app for Android and iOS released
Yahoo Newsroom app for Android and iOS released
Yahoo Newsroom is a news app that's powered by the people, for the people. Now you can get the best news from around the web without the clutter of news from your other feeds. Simply explore a list of categories, which Yahoo call Vibes, to find the topics and news that matter to you. From there, join the discussion by sharing your reactions and evolve the conversation by posting articles and videos from around the web.
+ Choose from over 200 interest categories, called Vibes, to get a personalized news feed full of the news you're interested in across US and world news, the latest on the election, new trends in finance and business, headlines in sports, entertainment, and lifestyle and much more.
+ Your feed includes content from a wide variety of news sources - Yahoo, Buzzfeed, Wall Street Journal, NPR, Bloomberg, Huffington Post, among others.
+ Evolve the conversation by posting articles from around the web directly into the relevant Vibe to spark a discussion.
+ Yahoo's personalization technology ensures that people who share your interests will see your posts and be prompted to join the conversation.
+ Personalized alerts will help you stay on top of the news and conversations that are relevant to you so you don't miss out.


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