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Blog Compass by Google app released for Android

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Blog Compass by Google app released for Android. Google has today announced the launch of Blog Compass app for Android, which brings everything you need to run your blog into a single place. The app, which is currently in open beta, is available in India for English and Hindi speaking users. The app is compatible with WordPress and blogs.
Blog Compass by Google app released for Android
Blog Compass by Google app released for Android
Blog compass is an app that helps bloggers manage their site and find topics to write about. Blog Compass suggests trending topics based on your interests and posting history. You can track site stats, approve comments, and read tips for how to make your blog more successful all in one place.

Blog Compass app integrates with WordPress and, two of the largest blogging platforms in India. Once you've logged in with your WordPress or account, Blog Compass also connects to Google Analytics and Search Console, letting you see viewer numbers, traffic sources, demographic information, Google Search status, and popular Google searches that lead to your blog.

Blog Compass also analyzes your post history and the interests you tell it about. Based on this information, Blog Compass is able to provide detailed Google Trends data that is tailored to you and your blog. That can help in finding the next topic to write about.

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