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Adobe MAX 2019: Adobe Photoshop comes to the iPad

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Adobe MAX 2019: Adobe Photoshop comes to the iPad. At its Adobe MAX conference in Las Vegas, Adobe announced the launch of Photoshop for iPad. First previewed at Adobe MAX 2018, Photoshop on the iPad is now available to all Creative Cloud customers who have a subscription to Photoshop.
Adobe MAX 2019: Adobe Photoshop comes to the iPad
Adobe MAX 2019: Adobe Photoshop comes to the iPad
With Photoshop on the iPad, you can open and edit your PSDs anytime, anywhere. You can see and edit your layered documents and create with many of your favorite Photoshop features using mobile and touch. It is reimagined with a new user experience completely redesigned for the iPad with touch and mobility top of mind. Photoshop on your iPad seamlessly connects to Photoshop on your desktop through the new integrated cloud documents system.

Photoshop on the iPad is built using the same code base as Photoshop on the desktop. This means you can open and edit the same PSD in Photoshop on your desktop or iPad without worrying about conversions, compressions, imports or exports. Photoshop on the iPad supports large files and many, many layers, just like Photoshop on your desktop, preserving your data across devices. The edits you make, whether making layer adjustments, masking, or spot healing, will produce the same results across devices because the app is powered by the same desktop engine.

All your work is automatically saved to the cloud using a new system called cloud documents.  All your cloud documents are PSDs and are automatically saved across all your Photoshops and available to edit everywhere Photoshop is. Currently you can export to PNG, JPEG, PSD, TIFF.

Existing Photoshop subscribers:
Simply download Photoshop on your iPad from the iOS app store, log in with your Adobe ID. It is included in your subscription.

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